Heads up!

This is NOT Network Marketing!

Are you a mom or dad and need to make money on your time, your terms and your turf?

Do you know someone who needs to earn money from home?
Maybe a job with flexibility is the answer everyone is seeking?
Look no further.  We can help you make money right  now.



Empowering Everyone for the Gig Economy

Freestyle Telecom Technologies Inc provides a mobile telephone application that can be used by anyone, anywhere to earn money anytime by connecting to the world's largest call center.

A Better Way to Earn

Freestyle Calling is the NEW way to work as a Call Center Agent…​

Freestyle Telecom Technologies Inc has developed a Mobile Remote Workforce application for the call center industry.

When you become a Freestyle Agent, you are a self-employed contractor – you work whenever you want, from wherever you want. Using the mobile application, you decide when you want to log-in and earn real money.​

There are no minimum or maximum shifts, if there is a campaign running, you choose if you want to participate.​

Freestyle Agents receive text alerts when campaigns are available, and log in or out when they want.

To become a Freestyle Agent, you need to have a mobile device, an Internet connection, and earbuds with a microphone so you can make calls while looking at your device – YES, it’s that simple!